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Certificate of Excellence 2016 Trip Advisor
Ride a beastly 4x4
Hop in your mighty vehicle and put its raw power to the test, all while unravelling the mysteries that the exotic Mayan Riviera has hiding within. You can choose to either take the wheel and commandeer these wild beasts, or to act as copilot, or even passenger; whatever it is you choose, prepare to live an adventure you will forever have engraved in your memories.

Note: All vehicles are shared. Private vehicles are available at an extra cost.
The mystical ruins of El Rey
At the beggining of your adventure, you will discover an ancient hidden treasure. The ruins of El Rey, resting place of an ancestral Mayan tribe that lived there centuries ago, and the largest archaeological site in Cancun. Get ready to be mesmerized with the beautiful wildlife and whimsical aura that shroud this magical place.
Jungle Interactive Animal Shelter
Inspired by nothing but love and respect for wildlife, this very special place shelters a wide variety of native species that you can interact with, allowing you to truly become one with mother nature. You will be able to play with spider monkeys that go free on top of the tropical trees, have a chat with the parrots and macaws, pet a gentle giant boa, go in the deer reserve to feed them, and if you are brave enough, dare to take a walk among gargantuan 13 ft crocodiles.
Refresh your body and soul in the pristine waters of a cenote, a natural pool hidden in a breathtaking spot surrounded with green foliage in the very heart of paradise. Exclusive of Yucatan and Quintana Roo, cenotes are natural holes formed by the collapse of porous limestone rock. Home to a countless amount of beautiful multicolored tropical fish, they are filled with fresh water which is filtered by the earth; their waters are so pure and crystal clear that you can even see the bottom clearly through them.
Rainforest Ziplining
Get ready to channel your wild side and become one with the jungle. Climb atop the rainforest canopy, then spread your wings and fly above the trees. Feel the rush of transforming into an eagle; let the tropical winds set you free and enjoy the wonderful view in this amazing experience.
Extreme ATV Offroading
Ride your own All Terrain Vehicle, and prepare to get up close and personal with the tropical jungle in this adrenaline-fueled activity. Perfect for both seasoned and new riders, this is an awesome, fun, and safe activity that you will surely never forget.

Discover Puerto Morelos
You will see and feel how easy is to hang around in the Riviera maya while you enjoy a brief visit to this beautiful and cozy fishing village right at the shorelines of the mesmerizing waters of the Caribbean Sea. Relax while admiring the lovely turquoise waters and feeling the gentle caress of the Caribbean breeze. You can hang around for a while, take some pictures, or buy lovely handcrafts and souvenirs to give as mementos to your family and friends .







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